Photography is a series of quests that will never be fulfilled in their entirety.

It is a quest to capture, with perfect perfection, what the human eye sees and subsequently translate that image, with crystal-clear clarity, to the digital or the print medium. It is a quest to tell a story not through words but through one image, one capture of time, whether it is a fraction of a millisecond or an exposure long enough to capture the transit of a star across the night sky. It is a quest to immortalize the world around us and preserve it for future generations devoid of language-barriers, societal norms, or misconceptions. Above all else, it is a quest to reveal the innermost feelings of our mind, body, and conscience through the visual.

My name is James Devlin and photography is one of my favorite hobbies. I have been asked what I shoot but I can only ever answer, “Whatever I see.” I particularly enjoy photographing Mother Nature, architecture, people, airplanes, and automobiles. However, I have always held a special place for fine art, urban exploration, and the abstract. I do not believe that I have a particular style or a particular preference and I look only to expand my portfolio and my subjects with new and unique styles.

I hope you enjoy my site and thank you for visiting. Please come back to see my updates.


James Devlin